Content Examples


Skimlinks' Real-Life Acquisition, Nurture and Retention Journeys || AutopilotHQ

"By using a highly integrated marketing stack with Autopilot at the center, Skimlinks is able to create contextual customer journeys through value-adding content that overlays seamlessly with the goals Skimlinks sets along each stage of their acquisition funnel.

Skimlinks has used this approach to customer journey marketing to bring their monetization platform to 1.5 million publishers and counting..."

Adaobi Ugoagu Is on a Mission. || Alabaster: The Journal

"Who we are culturally and ethnically is inextricably tied to our creative process. People do not exist in a vacuum. Human does not happen without context. We are always rooted in a tangible experience, time, and place. Our ethnicity is always integrated into the way we experience God, personhood, and community. This extends out to our practice and experience of creativity.

Art does not happen in a vacuum. It is also rooted in a time, place, and community. To not tell that story leaves us lacking context - and ultimately inhibits our ability to appreciate the fullness of the person before us or the creative thing they are doing. We bring all of who we are into our creating."

The Formula is Doing Work. || Medium. 

"Showing up. Staring at the blank page. Making something out of nothing. Writing, editing, coding, whatever. You cannot automate the vastness of the beginning. You cannot outsource the creative process and expect it to have meaning. The formula is doing work."

Ghostwriting Experience/Process. 

The tricky thing about ghostwriting is that it's not exactly appropriate to share examples and/or clients- and I take that seriously. What I can do is give a scope of the kinds of work that I've done: 

I have experience ghostwriting in areas like startup finance, marketing automation, multi-channel marketing, customer experience, customer stories, website personalization, tailoring content for SEO, diversity in Silicon Valley and press release level whitepapers for CEOs & founders. I've worked with VC backed start-ups in the Bay Area, finance consulting firms and small businesses. 

I use a 4 part process, which I've outlined below:

1) We hold an initial conversation to solidify topic and scope of work. 

2) I write an outline based on our initial conversation and submit to you for review.**

3) We conduct an interview to talk through the main points of the outline and build out content for the post. You're the expert, and I ask questions to help pull out the most insightful ideas for your content. We will record the audio of this interview.  

4) I write, ensure that the post grades out well for SEO in comparison to the top preforming content on our topic, and submit for final review. There may be another round of edits that comes after this- but it's entirely up to you. 

**Some clients prefer to write their own outline or jot down initial thoughts on the topic themselves. I'm always open to this. 



Post ______ Everything || Medium. 

In the fall of 2017 I had the surreal experience of writing a poetic reflection on the 21st century that ended up as a staff pick on Medium and spending some time on the front page of the website.

It was incredibly fun to write. I'd include a segment, but it's really got to be read as a whole- check it out in the link above.