Northern California Born. Sacramento Raised. Arizona Educated. Former Los Angeles Resident. Currently in the way too hot city of Phoenix. 

The 30 Second Version:

I write about anything with a story worth telling.

I think the future belongs to the best editors. 

And I believe that the best work comes from collaboration. 

The 1 Minute Version:

I've got experience writing B2B customer stories, breaking down marketing strategy, tailoring content for SEO, interviewing artists/creatives for narrative journal publication, and editing books. 

Additionally I have ghostwriting experience in areas like startup finance, marketing automation, customer experience, diversity in Silicon Valley and press release level whitepapers for CEOs & founders. 

The You & Me Getting Coffee Version: 

I love my wife. Every Friday night we go to our favorite pizza place in our neighborhood and talk about our weeks. She's my best friend and the best damn social worker I know. I'm lucky she's in my life. 

I'm immersed in all things start-up culture and creative. I'm passionate about justice issues like diversity in the workplace, equity in pay, immigration and access to quality education. I believe that the 2010-2014 San Francisco Giants were the most dominant baseball team of all time.  

My faith is important to me. I do things like pray, worship, read the Bible and try to follow the way of Jesus. It'd be weird to hide that part of my life, so I don't. 

If my biography was going to be non-chronological poetic catalogue it would look like this: 

the smell of 200 year old redwood trees in the hot weird funk of summer, the way the word Eucharist feels in your mouth, sitting in parking lots at midnight listening to punk records, prophetic hospitality, Spirit, $5 cover at the VFW hall to support your friends band, the idea that something beyond ourselves holds the universe together, Tacos Al Pastor from a gas station parking lot, the liturgical calendar, the sound of the desert at night, the attention to detail I learned from watching my friends roll their own cigarettes, sacred space, mix-tapes, burning poems into the floorboards of eternity, the word ‘Psalms’ said with conviction, baseball games on the radio, learning how to remember rightly, beach vibes, the wounds that become wellsprings of healing for others, reading books about becoming vegan, table fellowship, spending all my paychecks in high school from Subway on Fugazi vinyls, post-idealism but secretly still believing that a good punk record can start a revolution and a good folk song can heal it, still reading comic books at 29, a deceptively good 3 point shot and learning to name the movements of God that will pull us forward into restoration, glory and peace.

Let's connect if you want to talk (about anything)
or work together (schedule/time/life dependent).